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Episode 1 - The Criminal Case Process

When you are a defendant in a criminal case, the process can be intimidating. What happens? What do you do?   What are the stages of the process? What does your lawyer do for you? 

Episode 2: The Arraignment

Welcome to the Arraignment process!
So you have a court date, and you are not sure what is going to happen. This video will help you understand the process of the criminal arraignment and what you should do.

Episode 3: The Readiness Conference

So you have been arraigned...and it's the next court date, are we done yet?   What is the purpose of the criminal readiness hearing?  Can the charges still be dismissed? What's going to happen?
Episode 4: Do I have to go to Court?

So you have been charged with a criminal you have to personally appear in Court?
The legal answer is MAYBE.  You have hired our office...can I appear for you?  
Episode 5: I'll Just Get a Public Defender

Some people think everyone gets a Public Defender if they want one. This is false and is not the case.
Public Defenders represent indigent clients. Clients that could never afford to hire a lawyer if they sold everything they own.  No, that does not mean you have to be homeless to be appointed a Public Defender...but you do have to qualify.  Do you qualify? What is the process?
Episode 6: Should I Hire a Private Lawyer?
Want personalize attention and not feel like cattle being herded?  What do you get from a private lawyer different than a Public Defender?
Episode 7: Preliminary Hearing

What is a Preliminary Hearing? What does the State have to prove? Am I found guilty at the hearing?  What can my lawyer do for me?
Episode 8: Why Two DUI Charges?

You got pulled over and are suspected of DUI, your ticket says you are being charged with 2 crimes...WHY???   Doesn't nake sense I know. Watch and find out what this is all about.
Episode 9: The Myth behind the .08 Legal Limit

You have seen have I.   .08 THE LEGAL LIMIT for DUI  Crap! Crap! Crap!

It is a myth - you can be charged with a DUI with NO ALCOHOL, and certainly less than .08
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